Spokes is a electroacoustic soundscape composition that reflects upon two different modes of transportation: the bus and the bicycle. This piece uses musique concrète techniques and mainly consists of sounds recorded at the bus stop where I catch the bus in the morning, and a 25 minute bike ride on my usual commuting route.

The composition itself also follows a two-part form. The first part is highly particulate, precise, and contoured, from the sounds of the bus; and the second half is based on an organically evolving texture that was made with the sounds from the bike ride.

This was composed for 2 channels, but can be performed on a 4-channel surround system using the concept of spatial chords. However, the techniques used for generating the layers and textures were simple procedural up-mixing techniques, that very easily allows for a multichannel remix of this piece perhaps sometime in the future.

This composition was performed on three occasions:
2016.May.27 | Elings Hall, UCSB, for EoYS
2016.May.28 | SBCAST, Santa Barbara, for EoYS @ SBCAST
2016.June.06 | SBCAST, Santa Barbara, for Santa Barbara 1st Thursday

Mixed at Studio Varèse, UCSB during March-May 2016
Listen on: SoundCloud

Photograph by Mohit Hingorani

SBCAST Concert Venue (May 28th 2016)

Photograph by Mohit Hingorani

Performance at SBCAST with live-diffusion in a 4-channel surround sound setup.
(May 28th 2016)

All photographs from SBCAST were taken by Mohit Hingorani