HIVE as a family of primitive artificial sound creatures that exist in a purely acoustical Umwelt.

Inspired by the notions of umwelt, acoustic ecology, and biophony, HIVE’s voice ‘evolves’ within a constant dialog with its habitat, drawing from, and influencing the soundscape of its surroundings.

A soundscape projected through a quadraphonic speaker setup placed on the periphery of the installation space interacts with the soundfield that HIVE emits, creating a sonic foreground-background, figure-ground, organism-environment dichotomy. The interaction occurs via call-and-response-like sonic events between the ‘organism’ and its ‘environment’.

The audience walking within this sound field disturbs the field, not only passively by absorbing or refracting the waves, but also through the vibration sensors extending from the organism hidden under the floor. Sensors pick up the human activity in the form of ground-born acoustic signals and feed these back into the environmental soundscape composition, eventually affecting HIVE’s vocalizations.

While the audience walking within this soundfield become aware of their impact, we intended the extents and nature of this impact to be not immediately apparent, imploring the audience to take their time to explore this soundfield, and eventually be more spatially and acoustically aware of the environment.

HIVE from Sölen Kiratli on Vimeo.

2018.Jun CURRENTS Festival, Santa Fe, NM
2017.Nov SIGGRAPH Asia, Bangkok, Thailand
2016.Dec 1st Thursdays, SBCAST, Santa Barbara, CA
2016.May MAT EoYS, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA

Kiratli, S., & Cadambi, A. (2017, November). HIVE. In SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Art Gallery (p. 8). ACM.

Kıratlı, Sölen, Akshay Cadambi, and Yon Visell. “HIVE: An Interactive Sculpture for Musical Expression.”, NIME 2017

2018.Jun Sonic symphony: Sölen Kıratlı and Akshay Cadambi’s “Hive”, Pasatiempo, Santa Fe New Mexican

Produced by Şölen Kıratlı and Akshay Cadambi.
Supported by Re-Touch Lab and the IHC.
Photographs by Kurt Kaminski.
For more details, please visit Şölen’s website here.